Wednesday, December 03, 2008

To Connected?

In a September 2008 survey by Sheraton Hotels and Rseorts, professionals spill their PDA/cellphone habits. I thot the results are pretty interesting!

87% Bring their PDA to bed.
85% Sneak a peek at it in the middle of the night.
84% Check their PDA just before bed and upon waking up.
80% check email before their morning coffee.
35% Say if forced to choose, their PDA wins over their spouse (!)
85% Say PDA and cellphone enbable them to spend more time out of the office.
84% Say technology give them more quality time and flexibility with family.
79% Feel they can be just as productive out of the office as in it.
77% Enjoy life more with their PDA.
62% Love their PDA.

The scary thing is some of us at Landis Computer (we won't name names) are guilty of some of the habits noted above. Also we are hoping the 35% who choose PDA over a spouse aren't married!

This survey source: Sept. 2008 Sheraton-sponsored Phone Study by StudyLogic LLC.