Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Free Addon to Make Dynamics GP Easier to Use! Email Address Right on the Customer Maintenance Window

In our world of everyday email communications it is hardly handy to have the GP email address tucked 2 clicks away from the customer master! We've made a simple, free, Dynamics GP addon that puts it right where it should have always been: right on the customer master!

(To those good ole' GP veterans who are saying this isn't nessesary...ahem...this is 2009. ;-)

Also remember our great little fix that made it so you can click to email? That is incorporated in this addon too.

One last way this addon makes GP easier to use is that it automatically puts "PRIMARY" as the address ID when you add a new customer saving you a few more (unessesary) keystrokes when entering a new customer record.

So just to recap what is in this Addon:
#1-The email address is added directly on the customer maintenance window
#2-The ability to "click to email" is added
#3-The address ID automatically is filled with "PRIMARY" when adding a new record.

To get the addon just click here.  (if that is a problem try to click here.)
(this will sign you up for our GP free addons newsletter and email you the link, but you can just unsubscribe with one click if you don't want it!)

If you need a step by step to install this VBA addon:

we are...Making Dynamics GP Easier to Use!


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