Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How To Install Dynamics GP VBA Addon

We've released several free VBA addons for Dynamics GP ( click to email & email on customer maintenance addons). We've had several people ask us to show them how to install a VBA addon that modifies a screen or report. Here are the steps:

#1-Login to GP as SA.

#2-Click on Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customize > Customization Maintenance and import the package file we provided.

#3- Now we need to tell GP to use the modified version of the form. To do that:
Click MS Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > System > Alternate Modified Forms and Reports.

Now you will see the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window. Select the ID, then set Product to "Microsoft Dynamics GP", type to "Windows" and then in the list check that you want to use the alternate window as show. Click "Save" and you should be done.

#4 - Now you should be able to open the modified window and it should be the new one.

Note: If the VBA code includes a "shell command" you may need to do one last thing. If when you open the window you get the below error, just delete the "()" at the bottom of the code, click "Save" and continue.

If you need any additional help we are glad to help at our very reasonable consulting rates.

Thanks for using our free Dynamics GP add ons!


Sean Scott said...

Do you have to be logged in as 'sa' to apply a VBA package? If not, I would like to know the minimum permissions for applying a package.


Anonymous said...

Trying to install Dynamics GP VBA addon. Received error messages: "Unable to open customization dictionary" and "Resource 'LC_GoTo' is missing". We were already using the earlier code that added the email to the front of the customer card.

Matt Landis said...


Yes, you will need to login as SA.


Matt Landis said...


Using our earlier addon shouldn't be a problem. This one will overwrite the old one.

I believe the file may have been corrupted somehow. How about download it and save to hardrive then run from there?

If it just doesn't work we can schedule a ticket to do it for you.


Rick H said...

I just got this error, too.

"Unable to open customization dictionary"and "Resource 'LC_GoTo' is missing".

The machine that I attempted to install from has the email field, but it is not populated. Tried on another machine and the same thing happened.

The email field is there but not populated...


Rick H. said...

BTW - The error mentioned above also occurred while attempting to install the "Free Dynamics GP Addon - Enhances Customer Maintenance Window"

Rick H. said...

Error Solved:

1. All clients must be logged out of GP.

2. Only sa can be logged in and the install must be applied at each client separately.

Anonymous said...

Does this VBA Addon require Modifier or Customization Site license?

Matt Landis said...

No customization site license required.


Anonymous said...

Does this work with GP 2010?
I'm getting the error "VBA cannot be initialized..."

Anonymous said...

Can you update this for GP 2010? Much appreciated.

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