Friday, December 05, 2008

When An Audit Benefits YOU: Review Your Cell Phone & Broadband Bills Occasionally

I just had 2 experiences that surprised me.

The first happened several months ago. Landis Computer needed more bandwidth after doing with 2MB for several years. When I called our broadband provider and asked what it would cost to double our speed I got an astonishing answer that caused the rep to stutter: It would drop $1/Month!

Now just today (on recommendation from my good brothers) I've been working with our mobile phone provider, AT&T, to make sure our 10 phones mobile bill is optimized. After an hour on the phone with a very helpful rep from our Lancaster, PA store (Shawn Haag) we made about 10 changes to our plan which produced very pleasing results: we added unlimited text messaging to all our phones, we added 600 minutes to our plan, and we removed an unessesary data plan on 1 phone at an extra cost of -$2.00 per month.;-) The tweaks we did will save us roughly $100-$200 on an average month and our people will appreciate unlimited text messaging!

Take away:
-Audit those bills!
-AT&T can be a great assett in helping you lower cost--they can work FOR you.
-Faster broadband can eliminate VOIP quality issues. ;-)


Dylan said...

Matt, I'm glad that you were able to save significantly by working with AT&T to tweak your plan. For additional savings I would suggest, however, that you work with a company whose fundamental goal is to maximize your savings rather than to sell you a wireless plan. In my case, I saved over $230 per year off my Verizon Wireless bill by working through a website called (by a company called Validas). My savings are no exception here given that the average customer saves $487 annually through Validas. In fact, I was so impressed with these results that I took a job with the company.

Here's a quick breakdown of how it actually works. Validas analyzes your online cell bill for free and calculates how much money you could be saving. It turns out that eight of ten wireless customers are paying more than they need to for their plans. Validas fixes these discrepancies by tailoring a customer's plan to fit their specific needs. If you choose, Validas provides your personalized cell bill adjustment report that is emailed, for five bucks, to your wireless provider in industry specific format so you can actually implement these cash saving changes. If Validas can save you more than $5 on your bill, this obviously provides a very cost effective solution.

Validas is rapidly becoming known as an advocate for the wireless customer. Check out a feature about the company on The Big Idea with CNBC's Donny Deutsch at Any cell subscriber who wants to cut costs should consider Validas. It’s free to consult and you only stand to save.

Happy holidays and good luck in further reducing your wireless expenses.