Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New At Snom: Touch Screen & Conference Phones

I'm a fan of snom phones for a while and just had to post this. Just got an email announcing CeBit and stating that snom is releasing the snom 870 which will be touch screen. This same series has a port so it can become a wifi deskphone which is something I've been looking for for a while already. (870 & wifi module not out yet)

I haven't gotten a snom 820 in our office yet but I did get to play with one at the Miami IT Expo. Very nicely made phone (like all the snom 3xx series). It is not after the "key system" replacement market like the snom 3xx. It's firmware is based on the 3xx series from what I can see, with more modern looking, swoopy UI graphics. If you can find your way around a snom 3xx firmware, your at home in the 8xx series. I connected it to our IP PBX in a minute. I has a very nice, large color display. It supports displaying a color photo of the caller (if your IP PBX supports it) which makes for a nice demo. The snom 8xx series is also natively OCS (Office Communication Server) compatible, the first open SIP phone to be.

Also they stated they are releasing the snom MeetingPoint SIP conference phone too. We have been researching conferencing phones and may hold off to take a look at this one. Snom rarely dissappoints us.

So if your looking for phones for your favorite Windows IP PBX, here are some more to consider.

Snom 870 Link:

Just found photos of the SNOM 870:

Newer post with more info on MeetingPoint: Who makes it, etc.:

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Anonymous said...

Small note: You can display a caller's foto also on a snom 370 (possibly even on a snom 360 but then without greyscale)

Matt Landis said...

thanks for that correction.
Also see more info on meeting point along with pictures at: