Thursday, May 21, 2009

Windows 7 Adventures Part 2: Connecting My HP IPAQ 910c Mobile Phone

At our company we are tightening up some of our security measures (after sitting in a session by Dana Epp at SMBNation and getting his security tirade--one we needed by the way. ;-)

One of those measures is getting a security certificate that is not self signed for Remote Web Workplace and for our Direct Push email for our Windows Mobile devices. Our server guy told me all I need to do is drop a cert on my mobile device and click on it and it will be ready to roll.

I gleefully slapped my hands and thot "Now I can BREAK Windows 7!". I plugged my HP IPAQ 910c Business Communicator Windows Mobile 6.1 phone into my newly Windows 7 laptop with a mini USB cable. And waited for destruction! ;-) I was rewarded with a little notification down beside the clock that popped up and said "this usb device is not recognized". I ALMOST jumped for joy(?) that I had finally found something that Win7 wouldn't do right...but wait...automatically an install window with a progress bar popped up...Win7 was installing something...what?....and in a few seconds my IPAQ was fully installed and the below window popped up!

From Windows 7 Stuff
Not only had Windows 7 installed the driver for my PRECISE phone it popped up a menu after it installed (not nagging me to do something I didn't want to do like sync or something) and let me do just what I wanted to: just drop a file in a folder!

Since my efforts at "busting" Windows 7 aren't going very good I shouldn't bother to mention the the cert install went flawless too...

Keep efforts to "bust" Windows 7 will continue...

ps--if Microsoft doesn't hurry up and make some mistakes with Windows7 I'm afraid it's going to be a smash hit. I didn't even talk about it's inuitive new UI that should instill fear in Apple...;-)