Friday, August 07, 2009

Windows Mobile 6.1 As an Extension to Your IP PBX

I just registered my Windows Mobile 6.1 phone to our SIP based IP PBX for the first time. I'm impressed how nicely the built-in WM6.1 SIP phone integrates into the device when you actually configure it!

To configure the SIP info into your WM phone, you need a windows mobile SIP setup application running on the phone. (Note:this is NOT supported by it at your own risk!)

Below is the link to the .CAB file to modify your phone:

If you have any question please post a comment below.


Janakiram M.P. said...


Nice presentation

Matt Landis said...


Thank you.
I would like to do some on Dynamics GP too.


Janakiram M.P. said...


That's a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Hi, place to meet you.
My name is Juan and I`m looking for a sip client to use in a omnia 1 that it has a WM 6.1, for any reason the video does`t work and I dont know the name of the soft that you are using, if you can tall me what is the sofware i will be bery greatfull.
Sorry for my bad english, i let ypu my email,
PD: For that want this is to use it with a Trixbox, thks!!!!