Friday, December 04, 2009

Remembering Our Accounting Software Research

I’ve been doing some yearend house cleaning in my office and came across the stash of research we did when we selected an accounting solution that Landis Computer would represent. I am amazed at the breadth of products we looked at! As I reminisced and flipped through the old marketing material I clipped some of the logos in the included picture. As I look back I sure am glad we ended up with Dynamics GP! (formerly known as Great Plains and I think the product was called C/S+ the first time we looked at it in 1996)

Some of the products in the list don’t even exist anymore! Like AVAST Accounting. (At least I can't find it) I didn’t list those in our path of research we actually sold and supported: Like Microsoft Profit (low end accounting), Image Accounting, Armor Systems and others. When I compare some of those other systems to GP I am…thankful. Happy belated Thanksgiving!