Friday, January 22, 2010

Landis Computer Moves HP Business Class Computers: CEO says "HP has a compelling business PC"

Landis Computer has a long relationship with a white box PC manufacturer but after looking at the quality and features of the newest generation of business class HP desktop computers we have made the switch to HP as our desktop computer supplier.
We did not make this change lightly and below are some of the items that went into the decision.

-no junkware (runs faster--no time wasted removing it)
-low power consumption (even over other new pc models)
-12 USB ports!
-parallel and serials ports
-sound and speakers built in case
-Solid Busines Class Case/Chassis
-3 year HP warranty! (Known to be excellent)
-This Warranty covers our Nationwide Clients
-Very competetive price

Landis Computer CEO, Matt Landis says “We put a lot of thought into this move. HP business class desktops are not the cheapest computer in the field but we feel the best business value. HP is the largest computer manufacturer in the world for a reason. HP has a compelling business PC”


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