Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Launch is "to be Biggest Microsoft Dynamics Launch to Date"

Just sat in a Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 launch meeting hosted by Rich Miller, Errol Shoenfish and others. I understand there were approx. 800 attendees and there was quite a bit of interesting content. Rich Miller noted that “GP 2010 will be the biggest Microsoft Dynamics launch in our history to date…” cementing the importance of Dynamics GP in the Microsoft stable of ERP solutions.

Errol noted that 100,000 hours of programming went into the Dynamics GP 2010 upgrade! So Microsoft is investing heavily in GP 2010. Some technical features that will be in GP 2010 is “graphs and charts that allow drilling the whole way down to the transaction that created it.” Errol noted that while others have graphs, in many cases you must lookup the transaction elsewhere.

I was very happy to hear that Microsoft Office Communication server will be tightly integrated into GP leveraging communication system and ERP solution. Being a huge proponent of Microsoft Windows-based communication systems (see my blog) this has business transformational possibilities that will be disruptive and put MS Dynamics in a class of it’s own. (The question I ask a business descision maker: Why is your phone handset an island? Why when it is so key to your survival is it so seperated from your business management solution?)

There are many other features and functionality added to GP and we will keep posting them as they become available.