Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Convergence 2010 Recap: The Year of GP

I thoroughly enjoyed being at Convergence 2010 once again this year with our team. GP was up font and central. The GP buzz was great.

I was also glad to get to meet Mark Polino and David Musgrave for the first time in person. Leslie Vail, in the GP Learning Center, was giving value far beyond just getting users launched on GP training. Thanks

On Convergence Dynamics GP Content
  • GP Business Intelligence is getting up to speed with 245 BI SRS Reports, 119 Charts/Gauges and 23 built in drill back into GP fields. Cool.

  • GP to CRM Integration keeps improving and now supports CRM Online

  • CRM improving cost-wise also: GP owners get discount on CRM Online subscription.

  • Mark Polino's 50 Tips Session was fast, fun & full. Just getting the deck isn't like being in the session--but it's better than nothing.

  • Andrew Brown from eOne says performance on Navigation Lists in GP 2010 has been fixed. Once I test this personally in GP 2010 I will post an entire article about this. This will be very big for Navigation List up-take.

  • The GP + Unified Communication (OCS) integration is huge. Chad Sogge said they showed it off to Steve Ballmer (who was impressed) at some Microsoft retreat. I'm a GP and communication dude and this integration has huge potential in several ways in my mind. See my post on it.

  • Did you see that GP Sales Order Processing Add-on that allows offline sales entry? .Net but looked just like Dexterity.
Some Random Thots:

  • Having wifi in the session rooms would be a great way to make live bloggers happier--and perhaps make speakers feel less listened too? ;-)

  • Next year, could someone order nice weather so our customers don't get their flights canceled? ;-)
  • For anyone that noticed (and commented) on my MacBook, don't worry--I'm a PC! ;-)