Friday, June 18, 2010

Has Microsoft Marketing Already Entirely Forgotten My Dear Microsoft Small Business Financials?

It appears that the marketing department at Microsoft has already forgotten which product used to go by the acronym "SBF" at Microsoft. Checkout the new offer to upgrade Microsoft Small Business "Framework" data to GP for $1000.

It's hard not to be miffed that my dear product, Microsoft Small Business Financials, is already dead, buried and forgotten by Microsoft! ;-)

Partners can check out this gaffe at:

For those of you who don't know it--I was introduced to Dynamics GP through our company supporting a LOT of clients using Microsoft Small Business Financials--so that is why it is so "dear" to my heart. ;-) In fact Landis Computer recieved an award (2 Zunes ;-) for doing more SBF moves than any other partner! ;-)

So, if you are still using Microsoft Small Business Financials--call the experts who know small business and can make the move from Microsoft Small Business Frame--ah--rrr smooth and fun as possible.


David Musgrave said...

Hi Matt

I have reported this error to the product team in Fargo. :-)


Matt Landis said...

Hi David,

I did via the "social" buttons on the page too. We'll see what happens. I just had to chuckle.