Friday, June 11, 2010

Microsoft Office Web Apps: Free Version of Office 2010!

Wow! Microsoft has released the the long awaited Office Web Apps. This is basically a free version of Office 2010! (Word, Excel, Power Point & OneNote) Yeah.

Because they are web based that means you have Office on Mac, Linux and whatever else can run a popular browser. Microsoft also throws in 25GB of FREE storage.

Another feature that is unique to web apps is the ability to SIMULTANEOUSLY edit documents by 2 or more users at one time. For example, 4 users can have an Excel spreadsheet open and be editing it and the other users will see the updates in near real-time (my experience is in about 2 seconds). OneNote also allows simultaneous edit, although I've noticed a much longer update interval (about half a minute). Word currently doesn't appear to support more than one user.

For some reason my embedded video demo of Office Web Apps is not working. If so, just click here to see video demo.

Office web apps are limited in features--but still very useable. Here is a list of some of the limitations that I noticed:

Word Web App: No multi-edit,
Excel Web App: No printing, no chart creation
PowerPoint Web App:
OneNote Web App: No printing, No Search Feature

Some very great points about Office Web Apps:

-Office on Linux and Mac
-Host Office Documents You can link to: Click Here to See a Word Web App Doc.
-Access Your Docs Anywhere

My colleague Kurt just send me this comparison of google doc and Office Web Apps you might want to see too.

Get Web Apps right now at:

REMEMBER: Landis Computer is the lowest price source of Office 2010. Buying directly from Microsoft will be costlier--so if you like web apps and want to upgrade--pop us an email!

JUST IN: Keeped tuned to this blog...A free PC Version of Office is coming down the pike too!