Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Coffee in Your PC Keyboard? Use Your Garden Water Nozzle to Fix It!

We had a little discussion among techs the other day after I accidentally poured a cup of coffee into my desktop computer keyboard. Will using a garden hose to wash the coffee out of a keyboard ruin it? Well, we decided to test it--and it worked!

How to Clean Coffee Out of a Keyboard:

#1-Determine if you are willing to damage the keyboard trying to fix it, if so step #2
#2-As soon as possible after spill spray water to completely wash coffee out of keyboard.
#3-Put in a warm place and allow to dry for 2 days.
#4-Test--It should work.

Warning--Do not try this at home if you are not a Microsoft Certified Professional. Only use this method if you are willing to accept possible damage to the keyboard. Not a guaranteed fix! For sure do not use it on laptop computers!!


Anonymous said...

You can also run them through your dishwasher. I read that in the paper one time and when my daughter spilled soda on our keyboard I decided to try it. Since the keyboard wasn't working I figured I had nothing to lose. The trick is to make sure you give it enough time to dry out.

Anonymous said...

My own experience is that sugar is the enemy in keyboard spills. If the coffee had cream or sugar soak it in fresh water ASAP. Even if the keyboard continued to work, eventually the sugar will eat through the traces on the circuit board. Black coffee probably does not need the soak. If the amount of liquid was small you have to make a decision.
Then again for keyboards, we no longer even clean them. Spending 15 with a can of air make no sense when the air costs more than the keyboard. Throw out (recycle the cable) and replace.


roni zapplerepair said...

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