Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Review of Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation by Victoria Yudin

I took the flying/waiting/travel time to Convergence 2011 to wrap up reading "Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Implementation" (using a some speed reading methods ;-). In this book fellow Packt Publishing author and GP consultant, Victoria Yudin, does a good job of walking the non-initiated through what a normal implementation of Dynamics GP should look like.

She also give a lot of practical, real world suggestions for anyone going through the implementation process. There is a lot of infrastructure advice (since we do infrastructure I can say this has a lot of good tips--actually many we recommend as well!): What does "official supported" hardware configurations mean? Lots of little practical tips around what server, SQL versions, getting Windows 2008 Remote App feature working with GP and running GP on Hyper-V. She also discusses some common questions that come up like: "Why don't we just implement on Terminal Server?" and gives a good list of pros and cons.

But the book doesn't stop at infrastructure. What is the best methodology for training? Who should train? What should a implementation time line look like? (with very specific list) Importing considerations and a lot more.

This book is a great read for those who have not implemented GP (or done erp) before as it gives a good overview of the processs. It is an especially good book to loan to those who want to self implement as it guides them away from many of the common pitfuls that will befall them. It was also good from my perspective to look over Victoria's shoulder and see another consultants tips and tricks.

Here you can get the book:

NOTE: i was not paid, given a book or in any way compensated for this review. ;-)


Amelia Hunter said...
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Microsoft dynamics said...

I’m fond of the literature about dynamics erp systems, but the topic of GP implementation is new for me, that’s why I am looking for some books which can help me to understand it in the easy way and see some tips and techniques. Thank you for your review, I guess I will read this book at my leisure.

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Raman said...

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