Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting Paid to Recycle? Incentive to be Green?

At Landis Computer we are always looking for ways to save on expenses. In the day to day rush of events it's easy not to think about more long term things like recycling and whether or not our posterity will have mountains of junked computers as the view out their front window or not. But what if you could get paid to be more green?

Two items that I will admit that Landis Computer has been just throwing away is computers & toner cartridges. (yes I know HP gives call tags to return old cartridges--but who has time?) And I've found you can be paid for both!

A company called tonerbuyer.com will pay $2 a cartridge and will pay shipping (if you have 8 or more). (Ok, if you will pay me I will send them to you.)

We also found that the old desktop computers our depot repair department was unceremoniously depositing in the dumpster are worth something too: $4 each and picked up at our location. Just check for a local core purchaser that will recycle the tiny amounts of gold on the circuit boards.

Maybe I'm more green than I realized? Well, maybe I better not assign lofty motives, but if it also makes a better future world, why not?