Monday, December 22, 2008

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2: Will OCS Become a PBX?

Stephen Elop, president of the Microsoft Business Division says that many companies have already bypassed buying an IP PBX box:
" using software to do the job that hardware did in the past -- only do it better"

Here is a video of Elop's comments:

Here is a non-Microsoft take on the new features in OCS 2007 R2

Here another blogger says some companies already use OCS as a PBX and has a checklist o see if you company is a fit for an OCS only implementation:

This article claims the release after R2 will be the "PBX replacer" version.

This article claims that OCS R3 will be the "replacer" edition: (see paragraph 7)

My opinion? I think Microsoft's OCS product sure appears to be moving in that direction. Each release has more and more PBX features. With R2 they now have a quite sophisticated operator panel. (perhaps too complicated for the SMB?) They have native OCS phone handsets ( and SNOM has released an OCS firmware for their very popular SNOM 3XX series to work with OCS.

I think OCS currently does not fit the majority of SMB organizations but it is interesting to watch this unfold.

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Anonymous said...

Is anybody HOSTING this yet? I want to sign up for this as a service. Has anybody seen such an offering?

Matt Landis said...

Yes, I've already started a post on this! ;-) will come out soon...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous. - They are the only company in the world doing a 100% pure OCS 2007 R2 Enterprise Voice suite, go give them a call!