Monday, December 29, 2008

"Unofficial" Addon's for 3CX List by Landis Computer

To serve the 3CX community we have added an "Unofficial" 3CX Add-ons List to our website.
Anyone can add to this list. Please do search the list to make sure the addon is not already there.

To search or add to the list please goto:
Click on the link under "Landis Computer 3CX Resources".

I would suggest posting in this format:Subject= makers title of product (with your quick definition of it in parenthesis)With three sections in the Body:==Features== (features of addon), ==Interoperability== (how you've found it to work.), and ==Link== (where to find it).

Neither 3CX nor Landis Computer have authorized or in any way claim these addons work with 3CX (or work in general) so the onus is on you to test if they work and fill your need.

Once again you need no login to add material (just like wikipedia ;-) but spam/unrelated stuff will be deleted based on our website admin's discretion. If it is add-ons related to 3cx no worries, but once again we do reserve the right to remove material deemed not appropriate. Also, material added to the list does become property of Landis Computer and may be used elsewhere.

We feel this will be a useful tool and alleviate the various questions about availability of add-ons. Thanks for your contributions.

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