Friday, January 23, 2009

Will The President Carry a PDA?

The qwest for a secure pda for the President of the United States appears to have concluded. It is interesting to see that no one is exempt from technology and the issues that goes with it.

It looks like a device has been found that may solve the need for absolute security: Sectera Edge by General Dynamics. Is this device running Windows CE? Maybe thats an old picture. Given that lcd display seems dedicated to security, my guess is it is secure. And most of us won't be rushing out and getting one of these as the price is $3350. If you want more specs click here.

One problem that the "Sectera" does not solve is digital devices' ability to allow those who are not present to take time from those who are present. But I guess telephones in general have been doing this for a while already.
Here is a good cnn article on this. click here