Friday, January 23, 2009

Windows 7 First Look: WOW!

I was hoping to have more details to share but after installing and using Windows 7 I have to get the news out: I'm impressed!

To make sure you know that I don't gush about new versions of Windows I need to let you know at our firm we still don't recommend Vista be placed into an existing network. And we always have a "wait and see" on new server and desktop operating systems (and for that matter any new product). I hate unstable products. (that is an understatement ;-) I guess I'm more your normal "i have 3 seconds" CEO than unruffled geek, but I want stuff TO WORK!

Why am I impressed?

Fast Performance: I think the number one issue with Vista is performance and I think that is what's sticking in the public's mind. And my mind. Vista is just a dog. I have a dual core laptop with 2GB of ram that runs soo slow I don't even use it for work...I decided to take a look at Windows 7 and installed it on one of our "beater" laptops at the office. P2.4 with 1GB of RAM and it runs as fast as Windows XP! Now THAT gets my attention.

Fast Install: I am amazed at the simplicity of installing Windows 7: Very few clicks and 30 minutes and your up and running. Remember that 30 minutes is on an old laptop, with an old hardrive and a p2.4g processor!

Compatible: I threw some odd ball/esoteric software at it to see if it would work: A security camera recording system and a windows based phone system* and they both ran perfectly out of the gate.

I would like to do a quick video review on Windows 7, so keep watching. Please remember Windows 7 is beta and do not use it in a live environment.

My only comment: This product needs to be shipped ASAP.

* This was not 3CX. Unfortunately 3cx IP PBX did not run well (some services would not stay running) on Windows 7. Because every other software did I'm not going to blame Windows 7. Well I'm not going to blame anyone because Windows 7 IS Beta.


sandy said...

Well i agree with you that windows 7 is very fast and even beats finale vista. One issue i faced with windows7 is related to Chrome it is not running on windows7.

Matt Landis said...

That's interesting to hear about Chrome. I'll admit I loaded Chrome, had some issues and dumped it again (all in about 30 seconds...actually more like 30 minutes)

I did like Chromes "Application" mode. Nice feature...

thanks for your comment.