Thursday, February 05, 2009

Response Point: Do We Do It or Not?

We have been reviewing a bunch of Windows/SMB IP PBX's to keep up on the competition and to make sure we know what's going on and if we should offer more systems to our clients. Because we are a very Microsoft oriented shop we haven't been able to "not see" Response Point. My first opinion with the Linksys and Syspine phones was that our clients will want more "key system" features on the phones. Also the limited features concerned me. Now with the Aastra phone (a very business oriented phone) I did a bit of research again. At this moment the BLF lights on the Aastra phone do not indicate other phone's status. It still seems to me that some of the features many SMB people want aren't there.

My hunch that Response Point is a fit for only the smallest SMB clients was confirmed when I briefly discussed RP with a very active promoter of RP. He said he really feels that RP really is a best fit for companies with 1-10 phones even though it can go to 50 phones.

Since we need to support 1-75 phones for clients we have ruled out RP as a product in our stable. But if you are evaluating RP, it keeps getting new features...


bbrauer said...

Hey, Matt...

I'm the product planner for Response Point and would love to talk to you about missing features, the next version and how to scale RP for your larger customers. Send me a message at


Matt Landis said...


Thanks for your note.
I will try to follow up.


Mike DiNatale said...

It is a bit early on to make the decloration that the system should only be placed into a -10 person office.

I say this because even though there is some key system like functionality missing today, like BLF for a definite example, I think those things are coming. And having been on both sides of the fence and a consultant and the customer, I can assure you I have more pressing items waiting for me than learing a PBX, even if it is more robust.

I'm starting a site focussed on RP partenrs, it isn't launched yet but will be soon, I would be happy to have your input as to what should be the focue of the site.

I also own and few other domains where I plan to sell the RP solution.


Matt Landis said...

Yes, I'm sure I'm generalizing. And we have more requirements like OCS integration, Exchange UM integration and more. Not to mention that we want to have an pbx that can replace avaya & such systems. Also, we are looking for features now because we need to start providing solutions now.

We will keep monitoring RP though.


Jan Boguslawski said...

Hi, sounds your looking for something like this solution from smartVoIP 2.0

It integrates ResponePoint with OCS (also for Branche Offices and other Softswitch Solutions, I guess.

Best regards and a nice Sunday,