Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dynamics GP Call Assistant: The Benefits of Standards Based IP Phone System & Accounting System

I've been spending a lot of time helping people with and promoting standards based business IP phone systems. This week I'm heading to Microsoft's Convergence 2009 in New Orleans (microsoft's erp/business management software solutions conference) so I thot I'd highlight an integration we've done and will be providing to the Dynamics community.

We support roughly 75 Dynamics clients around the country. We also provide Windows based Phone Systems to our clients. We thought we would combine our expertise in both to make a powerful integration that shows off the power of open phone systems and the open Dynamics GP product.

What if you could see all the important information about a client as your phone rings and before you even talk to them? (without doing anything!) Who they are? Do they have overdue invoices? Are they a big client? (YTD sales) The screen shot above is just a starter...things like opening the last sales order could easily be added. Or anything custom you need for your company.

Not a Bank Breaker:
We are using a free, standards based softphone along with the Dynamics GP Call Assistant to create a very low cost solution. ($500/approx)

FAST Implementation:
Installing this solution if you are using a standards based IP PBX is about 5 minutes.

What are the Requirements?
Dynamics GP or Microsoft Small Business Financials and a standards based SIP IP PBX that supports call forking. Some examples of specific IP PBX's are:
Grandstream GXE502x
PBXnSIP Communication Server or PBXnSIP Office
Any other IP PBX that supports SIP and call forking.
(Asterisk does not support call forking)

Where Can I Get It?
At this moment we don't have a "boxed" product but we will get you the details if you email us at Figure an approx. cost of $500 plus time to help you get setup.

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marianne said...

If you'd like to try it out in a test environment, Microsoft has published role-based and industry-based Microsoft Dynamics product information and trial software on the Everyone Gets It site here

Matt Landis said...

We will try to post a video demo of this product. It can be quite a time saver. Convergence 2009 theme was "thinking about possibilities" and that is what we see this addon as...just a start. Think if you could open the last sales order from this screen. or see dunning info or more...

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