Friday, March 06, 2009

Software GiveAways With High Value

Microsoft Sharepoint: Make Your Company Policies & Processes as Easy to Find as Google.Ever spend an hour hashing how a certain process in your company should be handled? You debated the very best way to do it and everyone in the meeting "knew" what the process was and then a week later you get a call "Hey, how did we decide to do that?". And even YOU were foggy? Microsoft Sharepoint can solve this problem and guess what? If you have a Windows Server already you receive a free Sharepoint license. Installing it is not a long process and you can start to benefit in mere hours.

Office Accounting 2009 Express: Accounting Software for Very Small Businesses.
I am adamant that small businesses need to "know their numbers" just like bigger businesses. Microsoft has announced that is it giving Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 Express away for free and I think this means no small business should be without good accounting software. This accounting system is based on SQL and is defintely worth a lot more than free.

Windows Instant Message Server: Increased Productivity Without External IM Interruptions
You are on the phone with a customer and just need a quick "yes or no" from one of your co-workers. What if you could just quickly pop a quick message to them as you talk? At one time this was a $500-$2000 available at no cost.

There are two solutions. If you want just free IM you can use Openfire available at the below link. This server combined with the SparQ IM client could easily be an OCS replacement in SMB senarios where IM is all you want. It sets up in as little as an hour.

If you would like to get a FREE IM server that can grow up to be a incredibly powerful business phone system (phone system not free, but very affordable) take a look at PBXNSIP. This phone system is impressive for the simple office to offices with lots of phones and complex needs. Once again, can be setup in a short time. Use Xlite as the IM client.

If you want consulting related to any of these products, you can pop an email to