Friday, April 24, 2009

Dynamics GP: A Great Upgrade for a Growing Company

At Landis Computer we have stepped up from Microsoft Small Business Financials to Dynamics GP and I keep being amazed at what business problems Dynamics GP solves for us. Our collections person just started using the Collections Management which really streamlines our collection process and (as a nice side benefit) keeps our AR quite a bit lower at a time when anyone can appreciate that benefit!

Our company has been growing and we are realizing that doing a better job at managing our people is becoming increasingly important. I was trying to figure out how to easily track wage history (in a nice historical view), who is committed to what certifications/training, conversations about job responsibilities and more. I am pleasantly surprised that Dynamics GP also takes care of this problem with the Human Resources module.

This year we have also committed to getting a comprehensive Service Management system (PSA) instead of the multiple systems we currently have. We are reviewing the Dynamics GP Field Service module which looks like it may solve our needs with a little configuring. This will cut out a lot of typo errors that happen when transferring service requests to sales invoices. We also hope it will also largely avoid manually typing sales invoices that come from our web based time tracking system.

What would my opinion be about the move from Microsoft Small Business Financials to Dynamics GP? I am glad we made the move. I think it is helping our growing company be better managed and more profitable. I am confident that I don't need to worry about outgrowing the system and can look forward to the innovations that will come with future versions.

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