Thursday, April 16, 2009

Exchange Server 2010 Amazing Telephony Features

Microsoft sure is pumping out the new products: Office, Windows 7 and now Exchange 2010. The feature that really impressed me is the Voicemail Preview feature that appears to convert audio voicemails into readable emails! (it will even SMS the first part of it to your mobile!)

To read the official Microsoft site on this feature (and more) click below:

To quote the section about Voicemail Preview:
"Voice Mail Preview: Exchange Server 2010 will facilitate the cumbersome task of navigating through voice messages. With Exchange Server 2010 speech-to-text translation, the user can read the contents of the audio recording in the same fashion they would read an e-mail. Furthermore, if the resulting voice messages are opened using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010, the text of the voice mail preview will become "actionable". Recognized names, contacts, and phone numbers will all be identified with icons that the user can select to add contacts, call using Office Communicator, or send e-mail. To facilitate navigation of the audio, clicking in the text will cause the voice mail to jump to that word and continue playing."

There had been several companies (simulscribe was one) doing this as a service for approximately $30/month and $.25 over a certain amount of voicemails and this just might be hard on their business plan. I now see that google plans to offer voicemail to email too. click here. Hmm.