Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Benefits of Dynamics GP Navigation Lists...

At our company we use what we recommend (eat our dogfood? ;-) and I just stumbled on yet another wonderful use for Navigation Lists in GP.

#1-A colleague was in a quote, I got the "another user is editing this doc" msg and I thot, "thats a pain now I need to wait to see that thing". But hey, no! I can use the GP Navigation List Preview window and see just about everything (if not more) than i can on SOP window. And in fact the preview is RIGHT in front of me right now!

#2-Then another benefit popped out at me. Did you ever want to just copy and paste a bunch of lines out of a sales order into an email or somewhere? On the Navigation List Preview its a cinch. Or copy the whole address of the customer...or copy the WHOLE thing. Pretty neat.

Just another reason to run out there and start using GP Navigation Lists.

ps-Yeah, I know I could have used a SOP inquiry window...but its not nearly so easy. And remember: We're after EASE of USE. ;-)