Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Why Windows 7 Is Making People & Companies Wish They Could Get Their Hands On It

Remember that this is just a sampling of new features. There are many, many more. As a Microsoft GOLD Partner we are very confident that Windows 7 will be a winner. (In fact I'm personally eager to move my home network to Windows 7.) Remember this is coming from a Microsoft Partner that usually has quite a "wait and see" attitude about new releases.

(Blazing?) Fast Performance: According to a test done by Zdnet of 25 everyday/realworld tasks Windows 7 beat Vista and even XP on every one. See Source Here.

Reduced Startup Time: New "Instant On" supposed to reduce start up to 15seconds. Windows 7 reduces start up to 50% in some cases even without using "Instant On".

ISO Disk Burning Now Built-In: Before Windows 7 3rd party software install was needed but with Win7 it is built in. One less thing to clutter your Windows.

Search Text Inside TIFF Image Files: Now you can search TIFF files by text contained in them. Makes Windows 7 one step closer to being a simple document management system for small companies.

DirectAccess: A new seamless and simple way for remote users to connect to their Windows Server network.

Securely Use USB Drives with BitLocker: Allows USB drives to be easily encrypted so if they are lost no data/passwords/financial data gets in the wrong hands.

Wordpad Gets Major Face lift: Looks just like the latest version of Microsoft Word with ribbon menus. But still no spell checker. ;-)

Total Compatibility With Windows XP Mode: No need to worry that an XP application will be incompatible with Windows 7 because with XP Mode your app will actually be running on XP. (transparent to user)

I suggest that companies begin to plan to take advantage of the benefit of Windows 7. I didn't say this with Vista but I think Windows 7 is a product that will bring immediate and realworld value to many small companies.

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Dennis McMahon said...

You mention compatibility of Windows 7 with Windows XP but what about compatibility with Vista?

The reason for my question is that I was going to buy a new machine this month with Vista then downgrade to Windows XP etc. Should I wait until Fall and buy a new machine with Windows 7? What will be the cost of the upgrade to 7 ? Thanks

Matt Landis said...

Windows 7 and Vista are practically the same product so I would have no worries about compatibility between the 2. On pricing...lets see what microsoft says.